Salvador Dali : Twice in Singapore

Salvador-Dali2Surrealist Salvador Dali (1904 to 1989) ‘channeled the unconscious to unlock the power of the imagination’.

His Paranoid-Critical method (the basis for most of his artworks) went further – creating art from a state of self-induced paranoia, putting the artist in touch with his subconscious and ‘systematic irrational thought’ in order to escape conventional understanding of reality and the world.

Which is a brief and perfect introduction to appreciate his work, exhibited twice in Singapore.

The first exhibition was at the ArtScience Museum in September of 2011, aptly inviting the viewer to Enter the Mind of a Genius. It was a euphoric amalgam of style, presentation, suggestion, juxtaposition. It offered hours of wandering and many moments of hmm and wow, where the visitor lost himself in fantasy, in connecting with aspects within, urged into contemplation.

DSC00497 DSC00501 DSC00509 DSC00510 DSC00521 DSC00513 DSC00527

Dali has returned to Singapore in 2014 with the Argillet Collection, at the Red Sea Gallery, a very different viewing experience from 2011. This body of his work belongs to Pierre Argillet, publisher and avid collector of Futurist, Dadaist and Surrealist works, who had a long collaboration with the artist. Available, for both viewing and acquisition, are over one hundred original etchings, drawings and tapestries – authenticated and signed by Salvador Dali. Enjoy.

      IMG_2493  IMG_2502                IMG_2499  IMG_2496  IMG_2495    IMG_2488  IMG_2486  IMG_2481  IMG_2479  IMG_2497

The subconscious has a symbolic language that is truly a universal language, for it speaks with the vocabulary of the great vital constants, sexual instinct, feeling of death, physical notion of the enigma of space … universally echoed in every human. To understand an aesthetic picture, training in the appreciation is necessary, cultural and intellectual preparation. For Surrealism the only prerequisite is a receptive and intuitive human being. – Salvador Dali

All photographs by Anita Thomas, except for the B & W one of Mr. Dali, which was sourced from the web.

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