A beautiful Friday morning …

It was a rare convergence : a beautiful morning, clear skies, sunshine chased by a rippling wind into ‘shadow and seek’, the beginning of a weekend and an hour to spare.


Carpe diem is my resolution for 2014. And so, when I find myself traveling alongside a lengthy, glinting stretch of silver fringed by green and framed by rain trees –  an unexpected vista between Tampines and Changi – it snags my attention and curiosity. It is unexpected because it is unfamiliar.  There is only one thing to be done. Park and explore.

So I do, and I discover Bedok Reservoir Park.

It is hard to imagine  that this was formerly a sand quarry. This morning, glimmering vistas segue into each other, in the green, blue and silver palette of peace and tranquility.

 IMG_2532IMG_2531It is not hot, not yet, and the shadows lie cool on the grass. The green swathes beneath the trees call to mind checked picnic cloths, wicker baskets, ice cold drinks and young children. There is a quietude that slows your step, an involuntary relaxing and breathing deep.

IMG_2539An old man is on his morning perambulation, stockings on for circulation, holding on to his silver-haired wife. He falters, stops, starts again, making his way to a wooden bench in the sun. A lone toddler rolls around in the white sand of a play area and in the distance, yellow-shirted elders sway and dip in unison, a group practicing their morning tai chi.IMG_2528

It is a languorous morning, inviting you to stay a while, rest a while, think a while.

IMG_2569 IMG_2568 IMG_2545IMG_2551 IMG_2529 IMG_2541

Lawns, floating decks, jogging tracks, cycling tracks, benches and much more make up this 41.7 hectare park, which at different times of the day and week allows water sports (wake-boarding, sailing, fishing, canoeing and kayaking), fishing and skating. It has fitness stations and open fields.

“Bedok Reservoir Park is also a great sanctuary for bird watching. You will be handsomely rewarded with sights of swallows playing on waters and flashes of cobalt blue Kingfishers diving for its lunch. If you are fortunate enough, you might catch that Little Heron wading along the banks of the reservoir.”

All in all, something for everyone.

Photographs by Anita Thomas.

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