You’re Dancing on My Footprints

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. . .  as narrated, overheard & shared . . .

This journal of an ‘almost grown up’ (all of almost-8 years) was published in 2003 in print and now a newer, revised version is available on Amazon as an e-book. The book is available in most global markets (except Singapore) and while it can be read on several specific Kindle readers, the free Kindle App makes it possible to read it on :

  • Kindle for Windows 8
  • Kindle for Android Tablets & Phones
  • Kindle Cloud Reader
  • Kindle for iPad

Press Review

“ … To be able to look at childhood fantasies with indulgence and optimism is a lot about recognising the child in all of us. Quirk does just that when she jots down Amako’s deepest thoughts through his e-mails to his grandmothers and his best friend Sam, his chats with God, messages he leaves on his mom’s and dad’s voice mail, and the stories he writes. The slim book, replete with Quirk’s illustrations … hugs the mom trail from the point of view of the child. That is its genius. As it meanders through the curvy paths, the sudden dips, the numerous highs, many of the dialogues ring a bell; of the many times our own kids have grumbled and griped, as we pulled the wind out of their fantasy sails …” – The Hindu, 21 September 2003


This is the make-believe journal of an almost-grown up; one who calls himself Amako after the ‘dangerous natural phenomenon’, the mackerel shark. A-mako shark.

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From school and sushi to science, stories & sleepovers, ‘futuristic’ technology, friends, food, pollution, terrorism, bedtimes, mealtimes, holidays, pets, grandparents, life’s problems and the incomprehensibility of adults (largely personified by Mum), Amako has viewpoints and inimitable ways of expressing them; via email, voice mail messages, stories, notes, sketches, ruminations and chats with God.

Welcome to Amako’s world. 

Author’s Note

Childhood is truly the most spontaneous of times in most people’s lives; a time when wonder is intrinsic in every experience, when curiosity is not reined by reason, when trust is freely given, when questions and ideas roam free.

And for parents, memories are lives and moments relived in joyous remembrance.


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