A Family in Every Country

Families who move countries regularly share a certain spirit, an ‘impermanence’, which quite paradoxically can lead to strong and lasting bonds. The annual school hiatus – summer breaks, October breaks, Christmas breaks and Easter breaks – often signal transitions; departures, goodbyes and heartbreaks, friends moving away, pink slips and uncertainties (given current times), graduations and moving on. Transition and change, ever present in our lives, … Continue reading A Family in Every Country

De-mystifying the Divinity of Money (2)

The Ethics of Investing (2010) This is the second of a three part series on random thoughts regarding the creation and pursuit of wealth; a stream of consciousness from a financial free spirit and friend – PK – who has spent years investing other people’s money while making a lot of it – and a name for himself – in the process. This free-flow largesse … Continue reading De-mystifying the Divinity of Money (2)