Wisdom for 2015

It was a serendipitous meeting on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, in Baba’s Cafe. Baba himself was present, but I later discovered he was just ‘passing through’, even though his visit might last eight months or more. I am from Manali, he said, and was willing to talk. You are a long way from home, I remarked. Yes, he agreed with an accommodating smile. … Continue reading Wisdom for 2015

Exam Fever for Parents

Examinations (fortunately) have become the stuff of memories for adults, remembered and refracted through personality and experience. Our recollections have probably nothing to do with performance or results; it is the exam fever, the lead-up to the event that remains etched forever in the subconscious. Were you one of the fortunate, enviable few who had everything under control, knew your subjects, slept easily, exercised, ate … Continue reading Exam Fever for Parents