Mind over Matter

Designer fitness in Boat Quay ? Explore fitness education, sport specific training, consultancy, weight management and/or nutritional guidance with some of the nicest people in town. Asian body building champions, fitness aficionados and personal trainers, the Fitness Factory duo tread like mountain cats, a feral containment of muscle and energy, lightly, almost weightless. They are at it again, training for a competition, for the championship … Continue reading Mind over Matter

Total Fitness : It’s a Mind Game

‘Champions in Fitness’ they say, and not a single person who has met them will argue the fact. Singapore’s bodybuilding champions Joan Liew and Augustine Lee walk the talk and look the part, fit beyond belief and definitely on top of their game.   Discipline the mind first and the body will follow, we’ve been told, and if you think this is another bit of … Continue reading Total Fitness : It’s a Mind Game