Thoughts for a new Year

2013 sounds promising, especially as the end of the world did not happen, and as always, a fresh start prompts introspection and reflection.   End of another year and it is stock-taking time everywhere. The media is awash with articles, opinions, columns and blogs offering much pause for thought. A couple of years ago, I came across a stream of commentaries, almost in succession, that … Continue reading Thoughts for a new Year

Singapore : The City that Never Stops

Cities are born, many grow and flourish, some endure in one form or another, others decline, some die. Once material prosperity and wealth creation is in place, what are the intangibles that bind people together in today’s world of shifting populations ? Why do some cities, like London and Paris whose histories span centuries, continue to remain attractive, viable and current, while others like Venice … Continue reading Singapore : The City that Never Stops