Wisdom for 2015

It was a serendipitous meeting on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, in Baba’s Cafe. Baba himself was present, but I later discovered he was just ‘passing through’, even though his visit might last eight months or more. I am from Manali, he said, and was willing to talk. You are a long way from home, I remarked. Yes, he agreed with an accommodating smile. … Continue reading Wisdom for 2015

De-mystifying the Divinity of Money (3)

Everything in Life is an Investment (2010) The last of a three part stream-of-consciousness series from an armchair investor, the question/s raised here are how much money do we need, and why ? Do cars, condos, cash, credit cards and country club memberships define our life’s objectives ? Is there a higher reason why we might seek money ? PK lobs questions, notions and abstractions; … Continue reading De-mystifying the Divinity of Money (3)